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Project Coordinator - problems solved

The web-based tool for: Project Management, Document Management and Web Content Management

All the important functionalities you and your project need, in one place. At the same time very easy to adopt and to use - that is what we call Effortless Project Collaboration!
ProjectCoordinator® is currently being used by project managers in more than 50 countries to support their project work and collaboration. With no need to install any client software, it allows a very efficient and quick setup of every new project.

Document Management
Often the information handling in a project consists of a never ending exchange of email between the project members. Email becomes the only tool used for communication, document storage and version handling, which is both time consuming and quality degrading.
Time is money. With ProjectCoordinator® as your project management tool, both time and cost efficiency is greatly enhanced.
With ProjectCoordinator® as your project management tool, you will be comfortable in your project leader role, knowing that all project stakeholders will be able to access the correct/updated information, share a common document archive and quickly create a knowledge bank for the workgroup/project.
They will also be able to work according to a common project plan, access the same meeting calendar and share project news, developments and results.

Project Management
Project managers will encounter a number of challenges such as budgeting, planning and time reporting. ProjectCoordinator® feature solutions to the many challenges of managing and coordinating projects.
The project manager must always be updated on what is going on - and what is going wrong! To manage the progress a project plan is needed, which also has to be divided between the project members and the stakeholders.
With ProjectCoordinator® as the project management tool, the project manager will efficiently be able to plan, manage and co-ordinate the project work as well as plan and follow up the budget and finances of each project.
At the same time the projects stakeholders can easily monitor the progress of the project. It is also easy to share meeting calendars, project news, developments and results as well as manage temporary participation of third-parties.

Web Content Management
Interaction with people on the “outside” of the project can many times be a problem. Email? Newsletters? Mailing lists? What about a project web page?
As a web-based tool, ProjectCoordinator® is of course equipped with a built-in web page editor to make the web content management an easy task.
With ProjectCoordinator®, the project manager can very easy, on his own and with the built-in editor, make sure that his project always has a professional looking web page.
On the public web page, visitors can easily read information about the project and also follow its progress. And as the project manager you can now make sure that the information is updated and that the results are easily disseminated.
One strength of ProjectCoordinator® is your powerful possibility to link objects (images, documents etc.) stored inside a project room or the lobby to the public web pages.

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