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Whether you already have internal accountancy systems or not, with EFAMT® Grant Wizard you will save valuable time and satisfy the rules of grant funded project without special effort.

EFAMT® Grant Wizard is a user-friendly end effective system, which enables you to tune the costs to suit your internal needs and satisfy the grant donor at the same time. You will avoid the problem of complexity and save a lot of time:
  • EFAMT® Grant Wizard is a solution for projects co-financed through different programmes and calls (e.g.: FP6, FP7, other EU and national calls).
  • All specific rules of the project and cost model are set up at the beginning, so there is no need for you to worry about the rules or correct cost calculation during the project.
  • The solution enables you to monitor data in real time, which allows you to react in critical moments and solve any problems on time. Through this you will ensure that all the money granted has been used, that not too much has been spent and consequently also the quality of financial reports to satisfy the auditor.
  • The data in always entered the same way. Only minimal data is entered  - namely time used and invoices, as all other tables and analysis are generated automatically.
  • The solution is simple to use and there is no need for special training. The day-to-day usage can be mastered within 10 minutes. 
  • No installation or maintenance needed
  • No need for IT experts
  • No need for license for each computer. The minimal sum is paid for the usage of solution per project and does not depend on the number of users
  • No interference with embedded organizational procedures and does therefore not cause any collateral damage
  • Internal costs for project administration are lowered  - by cca. 75% less used time in comparison with using the classical alternative solutions
  • During the project, you can always change:
    • Cost of working hours,
    • Level of overhead,
    • Level of VAT, if it is an eligible cost
    • Percentage of equipment usage for project
    • All other amounts, which can be changed during the project
  • Different currencies can be used on same project
  • Used time can be monitored in hours, days or minutes

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